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60 kW Wind Turbine

60 kw Wind turbine to power of Italian manufact, reflects all European standards and foreign, is ideal for the production of electricity and electrical compegnie resale.
This wind generator of 60 kw allows connection to the national grid at low voltage, simplifying the installation process and reducing costs. The design and implementation, completely Italian, are characterized by a great simplicity as Wind turbine 60 is achieved with permanent magnet inverter. But Wind turbine 60 is also highly efficient: it allows the production of energy with only 3.5 m / s wind speed averages.

Wind Curve

General characteristics of the wind generator

       - Type: horizontal axis upwind
- Nominal power: 60 kW
- Rotor diameter: 16 m around
- Area of the disc rotor: about 200 m2
- Optimized power output: a change in blade pitch;
- Security System: aerodynamic brake, electromechanical brake
- Rated rotation speed: 100 rpm
- Wind speed: 2.5 m / s
- Wind speed at rated output: 13 m / s
- Maximum speed of operation: 25 m / s
- Speed of survival: 50 m / s
- Orientation: active, using engine
- Applications: connection to BT

- Number of blades: 3
- Material blade: FRP
- Length: 7.65 m
- Rope: 0.65 m
- Rotation (facing forward): clockwise

Electric generator

- Type: Permanent magnet synchronous alternator
- Nominal power: 65 kW

- Type: a static conversion

Management and control of wind generator-processor and remote sensing

- Type: Tubular shaped
- Height: 24 m

- 3500 kg Spacecraft
- Tower 3700 kg


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