Mini Indoor High Speed Dome Hitachi 10X zoom 540 TV Line

Mini High Speed Dome with indoor optical Hitachi remote control allows an operator equipped with appropriate console command to rotate the camera in all directions and zoom in at will on the stages of most interest.    


Mini high speed indoor dome
Pan range: 360°Continue;Tilt range: 0°~90° Flip
Manual speed Pan: 0.1~240°/S;Tilt: 0.1~120°/S
Preset point: 128; speed: 300°/S;accuracy: ±0.10°
Intelligent power off real time memory
Auto scan; Home position
Continue Manual
Operating Temperature: -30℃~70℃
Size: mm123x132(mm196 with bracket)

Basic Features
Opcration return function
Auto Scan
Intelligent power-off real time memory
Home position
Endless manual operation

Hitachi 10Xzoom;540 TV Line
Pan/Tilt Range     Pan:360° Continue; Tilt: 0° ~90° Flip
Manual Speed Pan/Tilt Pan: 0.1 ~ 240° /Sec; Tilt: 0.1 ~ 120° / Sec
Preset Speed : 300° /Sec; Accuracy : ± 0.10° ; Points: 128
Vector scan groups 6 Programable ( Dwell time, speed, preset point)
Zoom: Optical X10
Power: 15VDC 1000mA
Communication: RS485(+/-)
Conncetion: RJ45 cable


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Price:  550,00 + vat