All orders and order confirmations are covered by general sales terms, which are integral and essential part of the same order and order confirmation related to the goods delivered. Our firm have the faculty of not accepting incomplete orders, orders for which some items are not available, undertaking to give back any advanced money related to the incomplete or not delivered order; after this the customer has not the right to ask for any kind of further indemnity or compensation.

1.1) Prices detailed on each item are weekly periodically updated. Each change cancel and substitute the previous price.

1.2) Minimum order amount accepted is of 150,00 Euro.

1.3) Invoice will be sent by e-mail. If copies for the local custom are required they’ll follow the parcel.


2.1) All our items functions and descriptions are taken from our suppliers. Access have no liability referring the truth and completeness of those given data. Except where indicated, all pictures of our window are true, not similar to. It may happen that some items are not available: if ordered, Access will supply instead, technically similar items.

2.2) Our items cannot be tested by the customer before buying, the customer is liable for the chosen items with all their information on the use and features given by the producer. In any case Access staff will provide information and details on items if needed and asked for.

2.3) Access deny any responsibility on the illegal use of the sold devices, improper use of them will violate your State’s law. The user is the sole responsible of the device he has bought.

2.4) Access deny any civil and penal responsibility on the illegal, improper, illicit use of the sold devices and of all the information given.


3.1) Each item is covered by guarantee given by the producer; the last of the guarantee is indicated on the manual, except for: prototype, home elaborated devices, previously agreed assistance or/and guarantee (before placing the order). In any case the guarantee never lasts more than 3 months on systems such as apparels whose motion depends on a second device or circuit. More information about guarantee at point 3.3.

3.2) To make use of the guarantee the customer send back the goods together with : shipping awb, a declaration where all defects, the item complete code and description and all information needed to send back the goods are detailed. Shipping must be confirmed by Access after having complained by e-mail. Delivery address is: Access Group Srl Via Zamenhof, 817 - 36100 Vicenza - ITALY. Shipping agent will be agreed with Access and after confirmation you’ll send the goods ex works, if defects are confirmed no other expenses will be charged, if not, Access will send it back debiting you with 20 Euros for having tested the device and with shipping expenses for sending the goods back.

3.3) The integrity of the goods is guaranteed when delivered. Any problem related to the goods covered by the guarantee must be communicated by the customer by mean of e-mail, sending us the contact form found in our site contact area, completed in all its fields, within 7 days from the delivery date, not after. If the guarantee is activated, the only customer right is that the item will be substituted only if damaged, after having given it back. The right of being compensated for any further damage is excluded. Shipping expenses needed for receiving and substituting the goods are sustained by Access only if the customer will advice our firm of the damage within 24 hours from delivery date by mean of written complain (mail or e-mail).

3.4) Direct guarantee on devices is supplied by Access. The guarantee lasts in a range from 3 to 6 moths.

3.5) Possible technical assistance and repairing on devices, where due, is made by the producer, following all rules found in manuals delivered together with the related items, where not in presence, the guarantee lasts three months. If the goods returned covered by guarantee need repairing, maximum time for it is 2 months, after that time the customer can obtain the device to be paid by Access excluding shipping that will be in his charge;

3.6) Access don’t supply any guarantee on the compatibility of it’s items with other products, nor on other devices used with by the customer or the user, nor on specific, personal use of the customer. 

3.7) The guarantee on integrity of the goods at the delivery is not supplied if damage is due to the customer lack of care or negligence, or if damage is due to others, natural disaster or if causes are not defined and clear.

3.8) If Access responsibility towards the customer is proved, total or partial non-fulfilment of obligations related to the customer and referring to goods ordered and delivered included, the above written responsibility, the indemnity due will be within the price of the items bought by the customer related to the objection; nothing more than the price of the item will be paid.

4.2) Access have the right of not accepting the withdrawal if the devices or the parcels are damaged or in any case not perfectly complete/whole.

4.3) Access have the right of not accepting the withdrawal if the devices or the parcels are given back without the awb related to the order and the notified goods and without a written complain sent 24 hours after the delivery date. In any case withdrawal must be communicate.


5.1) Our shipping agent is usually Federal Express inc., Access have the right of changing shipping agent. The customer can use his own shipping agent if previously agreed with Access. Delivery time depends on destination. For late deliveries the customer has not the right to reject the delivery nor to ask for any compensation. All the shipped goods are covered by insurance against theft and loss.

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