Wireless 2,4 Ghz receiver LCD 7 inch

LCD TFT monitor 2.4 GHz AV wireless receiver + built-in color 7", this 4 channel selectable unit is plug and play compatible output to most TV sets and all of our VCR and DVR video recorders, standard composite audio add video outputs.

The F103-2400 is an amazing and versatile compact FM unit absolutely perfect for a variety of applications. Beware that most 2.4 Ghz sets you ll find are usually greatly inferior as a result of substandard engineering and very low (& often exaggerated or unknown) receiver sensitivity. Many inferior units in the marketplace can be found costing twice as much or more. It is capable of greater range when transmitter and/or receiver are equipped with properly oriented directional (narrow beam and/or high gain) antennas.

Receiver/monitor is four channel selectable (with a tiny onboard dipswitch) and is designed for use with our mating F103-2400 series wireless transmitters.

2.4 GHz (or 1,200 MHz) can be a great frequency to use in conditions where there is no other 2.4GHz equipment operating in close relative proximity to either transmitter or receiver- or anywhere in between. Alternate 2.4GHz frequency equipment (which may include wireless LAN computer networking, 2.4 gig cordless telephones, alternate video transmission, operating microwave ovens and other sources) may cause and/ or receive some sort of interference in one or all devices present, depending on output power(s) and other variables.

High-quality FM wireless video is amazing and may work very well for a given user application. However, it is certainly not 'magic'. Choosing the best frequency/ RF power and the most appropriate antenna(s) for the given application will greatly improve user's odds for desired success. A careful analysis of all known factors and a preparedness for certain types of potential problems which can never be fully realized until initial site trial and potential re-orientation of a system.

We carry ONLY wireless equipment manufactured with quality-engineered onboard surface mount board add processor components (critical to produce a high quality wireless video unit). Too many in our industry are making false and exaggerated claims about their inferior products and about wireless video technology in general. You never have or will find such products or erroneous information on our site


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Price:  180,00 + vat