Micro hydro Pelton turbine grill enable

Ruggedly built, twin nozzle, 1200W micro hydro turbine. Comes with all parts and tools for field assembly. (More pictures and Video below, scroll down!)
The Hydro generator grill enable this means it is designed to connect directly to a grid tied inverter. A good choice for on-grid applications where the turbine is less than 2000ft (600meters) away from the inverter location.


  • Up to 1300W continuous production (production dependent upon resource head)
  • Units are designed to be installed in parallel to capture very large flowrates
  • Operates from 3meters of head up to 100m (10ft-328ft)
  • Over 6 years continuous field operation with zero maintenance.
  • Grease Zerk fitting for easy bearing maintenance.
  • Large-diameter direct-drive permanent magnet generator.
  • 68% Recycled materials use in manufacturer
  • 100% Renewable energy used in production.
  • No exposed rotating parts or electrical connections.
  • Fully protected from the elements - weatherproof.
  • 3 year warranty



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Price:  2 749,00 + vat