Micro hydro Pelton turbine battery enable

Hydroelectric microturbine 1200Watt (1.2 kw) with plastic shovels, stainless steel door tiles, three-phase synchronous generator with permanent magnet, two jets static fixed, specific for home island because this version does not provide the connection to the national grid Enel . This Pelton hydroelectric microturbine is ideal for installation on mountain huts and not just because it can work in the presence of low water flow from 1 liter to 10 liters per second with net head of 3 meters to 100 meters.    


  • Up to 1200W continuous production (production dependent upon resource head)
  • Units are designed to be installed in parallel to capture very large flowrates
  • Operates from 3meters of head up to 100m (10ft-328ft)
  • Over 6 years continuous field operation with zero maintenance.
  • Grease Zerk fitting for easy bearing maintenance.
  • Large-diameter direct-drive permanent magnet generator.
  • 68% Recycled materials use in manufacturer
  • 100% Renewable energy used in production.
  • No exposed rotating parts or electrical connections.
  • Fully protected from the elements - weatherproof.
  • 3 year warranty



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Price:  2 299,00 + vat