Gel battery 12 Volt and 120 Amper

Gel battery to the 12 Volt and 120 Ampere built engaging gelatinous electrolyte colloidal that unlike conventional batteries allows a homogeneous density of the electrolyte throughout the polymer member, allowing more cycles of charging and discharging as well as improved efficiency.
These batteries are ideal conditions for this have undertaken intensive use of electric vehicles and systems for producing energy from renewable sources stand alone.

The gel battery is constructed with innovative techniques useful to allow the adaptation of the acid electrolyte even in environments where there are variations in temperature, the composition used allows for sealing the charging of two years at 20 degrees centigrade with the index of discharge lower than 40%, the gas used have 99% efficiency.


Nominal voltage 12 V
Capacity 120 Ah
Dimensions: 410 * 176 * 227 mm
Connections type F12
Weight 36 kg


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Price:  240,00 + vat